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Company Details
  • Company Name :
    Adex Telecom
  • Address: 1035 Windward Ridge Parkway
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  • Phone: 678-393-7900
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  • Email: Not Displayed
  • Company Type : Job Agent
  • Industry : Telecommunications
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Company Overview
ADEX Telecom

Company History
ADEX helps you get the types of assignments that eliminate frustrations while enabling you to achieve everything that is important to you.

And most importantly, we help manage your career with a dedicated internal ADEX team providing career advice, full relocation assistance, professional guidance, and payroll consultation. This leaves you free to provide top notch service, while managing your income and lifestyle.
Company Benefits
Our benefits package is 2nd to none! We provide tax free travel stipends, competitive pay rates, housing, incentive bonuses, and day one health benefits. We also offer: travel assistance and reimbursement, license assistance and reimbursement, per diem, weekly pay, and excellent customer service.l medical staffing entrepreneurs who have real world clinical experience in the medical industry.