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OSP Engineer

Job Summary
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OSP Engineer

This individual must have outside plant design knowledge and be capable of designing outside plant work orders, providing administrative and field support to the outside plant provisioning process and be familiar with the various communications outside plant concepts, such as copper, fiber optic, and coax .
Must be able to utilize facility analysis process to select such areas for rehabilitation, coordinate field work, preparation of work order drawings, and documentation .
Updating work order records in an accurate and timely manner, analysis of reports, providing work order estimated expenditures and/or placement and joint use memos.
Must have a knowledge of telephone industry standards, accessing, reading and interpreting mechanized assignment records, PC applications, OSP record and/or computer aided drafting systems and able to interact with all on-line computer systems.
Knowledge is also required in understanding infrastructure plans (highway, sewer, bridge, etc.) and survey information for the elimination and prevention of conflicts with existing and proposed underground, site obstacles, and for proper installation location within easements and public right of way.
This individual must be knowledgeable with all municipal and government requirements of work


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