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Field Technician

Job Summary
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Field Technician

Uses advanced skills to perform functions associated with the installation, integration and/ or maintenance of wireless equipment. Installs and maintains mobile test equipment. Performs database changes, repairs on all cell site components as well as wide area network equipment. Demonstrates the ability to resolve difficult problems. Works with contractors on existing cell site reports to ensure work is being done to engineering specifications. Assists other technicians in monitoring and/or testing wireless network performance and/or resolving cell site problems. Additional responsibilities may include switch database changes, testing digital circuits and interpreting results. Assumes 24 hour on call duty when assigned. Carries a pager always. Must maintain an acceptable driving record. Performs other duties as assigned by management. GENERAL DUTIES The essential functions listed below are representative of duties performed by this job title. Duties generally include but are not limited to the following:

1. Wears appropriate safety equipment and follows established safety practices and procedures.
2. Uses sophisticated electronic test equipment, measuring devices, meters and hand tools in analyzing, adjusting, installing, wiring, repairing, maintaining and testing wireless, transmission, and associated equipment.
3. Performs required incidental and preventative maintenance on cell site, power equipment, transmission, and associated equipment, and completes necessary logs, reports and postings.
4. Operates Personal Computer, or similar devices, to access required systems and equipment.
5. Coordinates clearing of trouble with other groups and organizations and works with other employees and / or customers in the maintenance and installation of wireless service.
6. Moves and / or lifts material weighing up to a maximum of 60 pounds and drive long distances safely to complete job assignments.
7. Works independently, with minimal guidance or assistance.
8. Provides instruction, assistance, and guidance to other technicians as required.
9. Performs Network surveillance and emergency response as necessary. Normally required to be available for afterhours projects, on-call duty, and overtime.
10.Drives company vehicle.

1. Conducts collection and presentation of field data of wireless market as required.
2. Performs basic grounding system maintenance.
3. Basic knowledge of pertinent FCC / FAA / EPA / OSHA regulations.
4. Performs manual or electronic cross connect function.
5. Performs translations, uses computer inputs to create, modify, and/or correct database contents, i.e. cell translations, microwave system analysis, Digital Cross Connect administration/operation.
6. Performs BSC functions such as, Lifelines, card replacements, troubleshoots and repairs RP and CP faults, loads TRU's and troubleshoots and repairs BTS faults from the BSC side.

Must have unimpaired hearing, able to communicate orally and via telephone. Ability to distinguish between colors, read printed material, lift/carry 60! pounds, climb stairs/ladders, must be able to kneel, stoop, crouch, or work in other uncomfortable positions to accomplish tasks. Must have good hand/eye coordination and be able to work with hand tools.

Must be willing to work day, evening or night hours; overtime, emergency call-outs, weekends and holidays as required. Must assume 24-hour on-call duty when assigned.
Must also have at least 2 years related technical training or equivalent experience or have minimum of 1-year time in title as Wireless Technician, or MSC/RNOC Technician.
Requires valid state driver's license, or CDL, whichever is applicable, and satisfactory driving record check.
May require ability to drive vehicle with manual gearshift.
May be required to be away from home location for extended periods of time.
May work outside in all type of weather. TRAINING
Classroom training. May be away from home location.
On-the-job training.
Computer Based training.
On-line training.

































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