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Site Acquisition Manager - Plano, TX

Job Summary
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Site Acquisition Manager


Responsible for all Site Acquisition and associated activities on given projects. From propagation model and RF design to acceptance of the NTP. They must ensure that all Service Providers are adhering to Ericsson processes and procedures, measure progress against the baselines and look for continuous improvement opportunities. Interfaces with External interfaces: ASP principals or leads, Customer SA. Internal interfaces: IM, CPM

Responsibilities include
Coordinate works with the Service Providers and any other disciplines that interface with the Site Acquisition group
Manage all site acquisition activity including, but not limited to the following:
Site File audit
RFDS review and comment
SOW review or preparation assistance
Coordination of A&E and/or design services
Evaluation of engineering requirements (assessment or analysis required)
Coordination and preparation of submittal documents (LL and regulatory)
LL Notification (preparation, submittal and tracking to LL acknowledgement of receipt)
LL consent (preparation, document submittal and tracking to LL acknowledgement of consent)
Regulatory approval up to and including zoning and BP or EP submission and approval
Identify and manage all work required to complete and acquire NTP
NTP hand off to services delivery team
LL or regulatory agency assistance to the civil work and installation teams, including site access, design modification negotiation and approvals.
Monitor activities of the Service Providers and ensure that contract requirements, specifications and milestones for Site Acquisition are met
Site Acquisition problem solving encountered by the Service Providers
Ensure that the agreed implementation schedules and guidelines are followed and enforced.
Prepares regular daily/weekly/monthly progress report.
Attend coordination and progress meetings
Ensure that quality of the Service Providers is within Ericsson standards and Customer expectations.
Maintain a good working relationship with the Customers representatives and all disciplines involved in the project.
Coordinates activities and ensure that all disciplines directly involved in the project are in line with the Project goals and objectives.
After baseline is supplied by the CPM - measure and report on Budget, schedule and risk throughout the project life cycle.
Ensure that proper records are maintained of all Site Acquisition documentation and data in Site Handler Site Acquisition Manager 2 - SA2
Has GOOD knowledge and skills.
IDENTIFIES and SOLVES complicated problems that require careful analysis by ADAPTING existing procedures, techniques and methods.
ACTIVELY CONTRIBUTES to improvement and change.

Level 2-
5 years: o Job-related experience with site builds over 200 sites
Minimum 4 years experience in related field or any of the following:
Registered PE
Real Estate licensed professional
Law Degree
Certified legal practitioner

Reports to Project Team either CU Site Acq Manager or Project Manager











































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