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RF Service Engineer IV - Plano, TX

Job Summary
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RF Service Engineer IV

UMTS criteria should be met:
Minimum seven (7) years of RF engineering experience. Minimum three to four years of recent experience in radio network design, implementation and tuning/optimization on WCDMA systems.
Past Leadership experience in at least five UMTS projects. One project must be the leader for all technical activities in a large scale (major metropolitan area or state wide geographic area) and responsibilities must include technical organization and oversight of work and demonstrated excellence in communications with team, project manager, and customer.
Experience in working with different RAB services - CS, PS, HSDPA and EUL
Understanding of signalling in between different interface specially Uu, Iub, Iur, Iu-Cs and Iu-Ps

Detailed understanding of the link budget
Have used the planning tools such as Aircom Asset3G, Planet EV, Atoll
Detailed understanding of inputs required, and how to create a new project in a planning tool
Able to perform model tuning
Have used the ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) tool, preferably Wines, Arieso
Able to make recommendations to improve a network design (cell plan)
Detailed understanding of Monte Carlos Analysis.
Experience in Scrambling Code and Neighbor planning.

Able to make recommendations in parameter changes, feature activations on drive test data to improve the system performance.
Detailed understanding of optimization tools such as TEMS investigation, Actix, Agilent
Experience in tuning a loaded network, and understand the difference between artificial and real traffic loading
Detailed understanding of Layer 3 messaging
Able to collect and analyze drive data and performance statistics, and solve complex issues
Knowledge on how IRAT procedures can affects the overall Service Quality both for PS and CS traffic
Suggests improvements to tools
Understand the impact of adding 2nd carrier/ 3rd carrier on the network

Has the competence to implement and experiment on RAN features relative to traffic analysis
Understands the relationship between Soft/Softer Handovers and Network Capacity, and how to optimize both.
Detailed knowledge of the Ericsson OSS, and how to operate the optimization tools
Detailed knowledge of KPIs and able to make recommendations to improve them
Understand how enhance uplink tuning is performed
Detailed understanding and experience in HSDPA optimization

Additional Skills
Proficient with MapInfo, MS Office
Flexibility of extensive travel within the US
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Ability to operate with high degree of independence, while managing project and customer expectations
Ability to coordinate activities with various Ericsson departments, divisions and companies
Ability to identify and interpret customer requirements, and develop plans to address them









































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