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AC/DC Installation Technician for Central Office - New Jersey

Job Summary
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AC/DC Installation Technician for Central Office

The ideal candidates will have a minimum of 3 years telecom installation experience. Experience with Telecom Power, Rectifiers, Inverters and Batteries is required.

Essential Functions
--Maintains Customer Quality Standards
--Adheres to Customer Safety Policy and Customer Security Procedures
--Professional in appearance and performance
--Knowledgeable with industry standards.
--Must be able to pass certification tests for customer-specific protocols.
--Must be familiar with tools required to perform the task, crimpers, use of dies, calibration.
--Must be able to lift a minimum of 75lbs safely and un-assisted.
--Must be able to climb up / down ladders consistently and not exceed the max load restriction of company supplied ladders.
--Must be reliable in communicating and reporting via email and phone in a timely manner.
--Proficient experience with Microsoft applications/programs preferred.
--Must be willing to travel within assigned region.
--Must be willing to work effectively with Project Management Team.
--MUST have reliable transportation.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Perform equipment inventory, receives and accounts for equipment/mat’l necessary to do the job.
Perform Team Leader responsibilities, in charge of running multiple projects, including sub-contractor labor assigned to the project.
Knowledgeable with reading interpreting specs and drawings.
Infrastructure Systems (Cable Rack, Superstructure, Cabinets, Aisle lighting, Grounding)
DC Power Plants 24V and 48V
Modular or Conventional Plants up to 10,000 Amps
Controllers/Alarm Monitoring Systems
Converter Plants 24V,48V,130V
BDFB's, Inverters, Rectifiers- single phase/three phase, uncontrolled/full controlled type
Batteries (Flooded & Valve Regulated)
Grounding (integrated & isolated)
Cabling-running, sewing, forming terminating.
Buss Bar/ Buss Duct
Greenfield installs, extensions and Hot Transitions
AC and DC Power and Ground Wiring and distribution
Cabinet Alarm Wiring-PIM’s, breakers, rectifiers, shunts, controllers
Controller equipment programming-i.e.: ATT Galaxy

Seeking candidates in all (4) skill levels, pay rate dependent on experience.

Level 1 Installer - Entry Level
Capable of performing the addition/removal of common systems equipment.
Level 2 Installer — (minimum two years of experience)
Capable of performing passive equipment installation of ironwork, cabling wiring connecting and equipment designations.
Level 3 Installer — (minimum three years of experience)
Successfully preform multiple cable running, forming stitching and crimping for power, grounding and IOF applications. Stacking, cleaning, strapping of VRLA batteries. Knowledge in reading / understanding design specification, updating red-line / as-built drawings and method of procedure (MOP) preparations.
Level 4 Lead Installer — (minimum six years of experience)
Successfully preform live DC Power Transition, Installation, Test and Turn up of BDFB’s, Rectifiers, DC Power Plants, Monitors/Controllers, VRLA and Wet Cell battery additions / removal and Inverters.










































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