Adex Telecom Quality People

Adex Telecom Quality People


For over 25 years ADEX has enjoyed an enviable reputation because of candidates like you. The consultants that have represented us over the years are our First Line Ambassadors. We never forget it.

We work hard every day to ensure that the principles ADEX was founded on are applied to all our engagements with you:

Treat people with respect, with honesty, and with fairness in all dealings.

Be responsive to their needs… when THEY need you.

Treat people as professionals, not as a number.

Give our employees a company name they can be proud of.

The common denominator of any successful undertaking is the quality and performance levels of the personnel assigned to it. ADEX excels at sourcing and retaining the right
people to do the right job. Our consultant retention rate is one of the highest in the Industry.

Since Telecommunications is our primary focus, we are continually contacting telecom professionals like you all day, every day. We work with you to provide a proper fit, performing interviews, conducting technical screenings, and providing the most detailed information about the job assignments we can to insure a proper and successful match.

Put us to work for you today.